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Bad Medicine: Canadians will pay more for drugs and lose privacy under TPP

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Under the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Canadians will pay more for pharmaceuticals and see the privacy of their health information compromised.

The TPP locks in high drug prices by increasing copyright protection and allowing corporations to sue governments for lost profits. Worse, the deal prevents governments from being able to store citizens’ health information in their own country.
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Local Lodge History Project

Fred Lee, retired member, attended the  “Local Lodge History Project” workshop at the Winpisinger Education  and Technology Centre at Placid Harbour, Maryland, 17- 23 January,  2015. There were 28 members present representing 14 Canadian local lodges.

This was the first time this course was given only for Canadian local lodges. It allowed participants to see their own history in the context of the I.A.M.A.W. across Canada.

Members were taught how to interview, archive and use power point skills to do presentations and record the history of the local lodges. There are a lot of histories published for the “bosses” but not much for the people actually doing the work. Workers are generally ignored in published histories.  They have ordinary jobs but have had extraordinary lives and deserve recognition.

Fred is anxious to get on with the project and asks for your help. Please send suggestions and/or photos to