Testimonials L-3 Mirabel

Richard C (R&O structural  inspector)
I like being a member of the IAM because I have  greater job security through seniority an lay-off and recall provisions in my collective agreement.

Normand P (Repair and overhaul mechanic R&O)
I like all of the fringe benefits covered by the collective agreement,  as well as the respect for my seniority, the application of labour laws and the CBA grievance procedure.

Jean M (Store clerk)
I’m proud to be a member of the IAM and I’m glad I have a good salary compared to other people who do the same work (trade) in other companies. I know this is the result of the bargaining process.  It is much better to negotiate as a group rather than alone.

Real D (Machinist, Leadhand)
The group insurance plan and the short- or long-term disability coverage when sick or injured is a big relief for me. Our pay is much higher than the same trade (classification) in other non-unionized companies.  This is thanks to the negotiating committee. Members are supported by a well-trained and solid structure (shop stewart, local committee, local lodge, District, IAM staff) with all affiliates supporting the members and the community.  The structure helped us when the company was sold by Bombardier Aeronautics to L-3 communications in 2003.

Michel T (Store clerk)
I like the job security I get through the IAM as well as my seniority being respected because of the collective agreement.

Benoit SJ (Preflight mechanic inspector)
Lay-off and recall provision with in the collective agreement is greatly appreciated whenever there are layoffs.

Michel M (AMSE, Leadhand)
If we do overtime, we get  paid at the established rate (150% or 200%) and are able to accumulate time in an overtime bank for future use. We have a representative who listens to us and whom we can trust and share our problems in a manner that he can help us find solutions within the work place.

Régis C (Prefight mechanic technician)
I’m a member of the IAM because of  the seniority provisions and the fringe benefits, especially the pension plan within the collective agreement.  I like the facts that each member works in  a classification and respects the tasks of each other within the agreement. The distribution and remuneration of overtime is another major advantage.