Canadian International Airshow

Celebrate North America’s longest running air show. The Canadian International Air Show will hold its 75th edition in 2024.

2024 is a jam packed year featuring the Royal Air Forces Red Arrows, Canadian Forces Snowbirds and the United States Air Forces F-22 Raptor. You don’t want to miss this year’s amazing lineup.

Speaking of lineup, here is a list of some the performers for this years show

Canadian Forces Snowbirds

The Snowbirds are the Canadian Armed Forces’ most recognized and celebrated icon. They have been Canada’s Air Demonstration team since 1971, flying the venerable Canadair CT-114 Tutor. Always impressive, the nine-plane formation never fails to put on an unforgettable display.
CF-18 Demonstration Team

The multi-role, twin engine McDonnell Douglas CF-18 Hornet was acquired as Canada’s new fighter aircraft in 1982. The CF-18 has been based in Canada and Europe as part of Canada’s NATO commitment, and excels at providing airborne intercept and Combat Air Patrol as part of NORAD’s Operation Noble Eagle, defending North American air space. We welcome the 2024 CF-18 Demo pilot Captain Caleb “Tango” Robert, joining us from Baggotville, Quebec.
Avro Lancaster Mk. X in formation with the B-25 Mitchell Mk III

Flying in formation are the Lancaster and B-25 Mitchell from the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum (CWHM) collection.

The Avro Lancaster had impressive flying characteristics and operational performance, which is likely why it the most famous Allied bomber of the Second World War. The Museum’s Lancaster Mk. X was built at Victory Aircraft, Malton in July 1945 and was later converted to a RCAF 10MR configuration.

The B-25 Mitchell was ordered straight from the drawing board in September 1939. The first production aircraft flew in August 1940 and B-25s went into service with the US Air Corps, towards the end of 1940. The B-25 played an integral part in World War II and is famous for a 1942 operation had sixteen B-25’s take off from the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Hornet led by Colonel Jimmy Doolittle.
Douglas C-47 Dakota

Another showcase from the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum (CWHM) is the C-47 Dakota. The C-47 Dakota is a military version of the Douglas DC-3 which was built primarily for airline use. How wonderful to have this aircraft perform at the CIAS again, 50 years later.
U.S.A.F. F-22 Raptor Demonstration Team

The United States Air Force (USAF) F-22 Demonstration team will be returning to CIAS this year to show off the amazing maneuverability of the Raptor. The F-22 Raptor is a fifth-generation fighter incorporating fourth-generation stealth technology, radical maneuvering capabilities, and the ability to fly at supersonic speed without afterburners. Joining us from Joint Base Langley-Eustis in Virginia, the team is led by Captain Samual “RaZZ” Larson and Master Sergeant John Lugo.
RAF Red Arrows

A British icon, the official Royal Air Force Aerobatics Team, The Red Arrows are making their third appearance ever at CIAS 2024. Founded in 1964, the Red Arrows are celebrating their 60th anniversary in 2024. The Red Arrows fly a formation of nine British Aerospace Hawk T.1 aircraft and are based out of RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire, England. Prepare to be dazzled by their own brand of jet team aerobatics flying over 700 mph whilst featuring their unique red, white and blue smoke.
Kyle Fowler & The Long EZ

Kyle Fowler will be back at CIAS 2024 flying his Long EZ. The Long EZ is known for its unique look in the delta wing canard design. This small tandem seating airplane has an impressive range of 1000nm and cruises at speeds of 160 knots.
Trevor Rafferty Pitts 12

We welcome back Trevor Rafferty and his Pitts 12 all the way from Hamilton Ontario. Trevor is a successful international aerobatics competitor, airshow performer and flight instructor. His most recent homebuilt, the highly modified Pitts 12 is a traditional looking biplane with a 1930’s barnstormer appeal, but with 400 horsepower and extremely light weight.
Scott Urschel - BO 105 Helicopter

Scott Urschel will be flying his Airbus MBB BO 105 at the 2024 CIAS. The BO 105 is a light, twin-engine, multi-purpose helicopter developed in West Germany. It was the first light twin-engine helicopter in the world, and one of the first rotorcraft that could perform aerobatic maneuvers such as loops and rolls.

More performers to be announced in the following months!

The mission of the Canadian International Air Show is to celebrate aviation by honouring it’s past and inspiring its future by showcasing the best of aviation both vintage and modern including civilian and military aircraft. We continue to focus on producing Canada’s best airshow, while educating future generations on the exciting opportunities within the aerospace industry which are inclusive for all.

Aug 31, Sep 1 & Sep 2, 2024


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