Testimonials Magellan

Ajit K (Engine Inspector)
Its great to have the security of knowing that you cannot be victimized or treated unfairly. Besides having a great pension plan its good to know that yours years of service counts for something. I think the union is a great way to go if you want the working man’s voice heard.

Ed S (Sheet Metal Mechanic)
Pension has always been an issue for me. Last collective agreement saw our IAM pension contributions grow to $ 4.07 per hour for a maximum $162.80 per week. Health, dental, hearing and vision care, life insurance, weekly indemnity, even erectile dysfunction is covered up to $300.00 a year, are just some of the benefits I have as a union member.

Chris B (Engine Assembler A)
I have worked in many non-union shops and after 14 years as a member of the Machinists union, I now have better wages, increased benefits and union pension plan. Health and Safety in the workplace also making a big difference. There is no comparison to the shops I worked in prior to joining union at my current place of employment providing me and my family with better standard of living.

Rob B (Surface Treatment Technician)
I like to be a member of the I.A.M because of good working conditions, benefits, good wages and a union pension plan.

Attila E (Cylindrical grinder)
I benefit from being a union member by getting a very good pension plan, decent wages and benefits and I am protected from tyrannical and unreasonable management types.

Martin K (Welder)
In the past I’ve worked in non union shops and there were times that I was forced into working late hours (overtime) when it was not suitable for me. I don’t mind helping the company out, but not at the expense of my family.

Les H (General Machinist)
Less stressful work environment. Our rights are more respected .More bargaining power when negotiating a raise.

Doug B (Sheet Metal Worker)
What I appreciate the most is the respect I get from our employer as part of a union. I’ve worked in non union shops before and there is a big difference.

Gord McK (Machinist)
Being a member of the I.A.M.A.W means having the security of the I.A.M pension. Proper health and safety procedures are in place. The benefit if having more holidays for years service is great! Opportunity for legal representation is a major factor in a unionized environment. Earning a above average wage and job security with seniority for myself and family.

Carmel S (Expeditor)
I like to be a member of the I.A.M because of decent wages, seniority, pension, benefits and job security.